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DT Swiss has defined different visual elements to ensure a unique identification and recognition of the brand.


The DT Swiss logo is a plain and clear word-image mark and is the company's first impression to the customer.

In combination with the DT Swiss logo, the engineering performance claim represents the DNA of the brand and shapes the brand identity.


The DT Swiss logo and the DT Swiss logo with the claim Engineering Performance are protected trademarks in favor of DT Swiss. The brand claim may therefore only be adopted and used by persons and companies who are authorized to do so on the basis of contractual agreements.


Logo Spacing

The minimum distance from the logo to other elements, is the height of the logo in all directions (top, bottom, left and right).

The minimum size of the DT Swiss logo:
DIGITAL: 145 x 23 px
PRINT: 20 x 3 mm


The DT Swiss logo can be displayed in black, white and all gray tones from black to white.


On colored backgrounds and images, the logo has to be placed in white. The background is not part of the logo.


Do not wrap or cut up the logo and claim! If there is not enough space, only use the DT Swiss logo without claim.


A progressive red, black and white are our brand colors. The colors serve to guarantee the recognition of the brand.


DT Swiss has a specially developed house typeface. The consistent use of typefaces in design and communication creates a uniform and recognizable visual identity for the brand.

Images and Graphics

DT Swiss focuses on a visual language for images and graphics that is as consistent as possible. The images must be easy to understand, technically correct, with some red accent colors, and as clean and simple as possible.

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